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Pencils and flowers with text overlay – Writing tips – Concise and credible. How to get your message across faster
Euphemism means to ‘sound good’, and is a roundabout way of saying something.

Want to make your writing more concise – and more credible?

Simply cut to the chase.

It’s unlikely you wish to offend whoever is reading your document, but you also don’t want to bore your reader with bland, inoffensive language that skirts around the issue.

Pencils and flowers with text overlay – Writing tip – How to be concise and credible. On quick way to get your message across faster

So if it suits your audience and writing objective, get to the point. Skip the euphemisms and use direct language that’s clear and won’t confuse your reader.

What’s a euphemism?

It’s a roundabout way of saying something – an innocuous word or expression used in place of one that could be offensive, politically incorrect or have emotional implications.

Of course it depends on what you’re writing about and for who, but often direct language will get your message across faster and with more impact. And you’ll probably be more credible.


Indirect: The business development manager was economic with the truth in persuading her clients that the rustic cottage would be the perfect design space.

Direct: The saleswoman lied about the run-down shack in persuading her clients it would be the perfect design space.

Choose between direct words or euphemisms to suit your writing objective and audience.

Euphemism… Direct alternative…
Disinformation Lies
Economically disadvantaged Poor
Execute Do
Laid to rest Buried
Message from our sponsor Advertisement / Commercial
Restroom / Bathroom / Powder room Toilet
Rustic Dilapidated / Run down

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Which euphemisms do you use? Let us know, below.

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