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Palms, sea, working on beach, hiking, mountains with text overlay – Make the most of your writing holiday

4 tips for a successful
writing holiday

Dedicated time, inspirational settings – creating your content for the year ahead

Holidays are just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, with many businesses prepping to shut down over summer.

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While this can mean a quiet spell income-wise, it doesn’t mean you need to switch off completely – especially if writing is a big part of your work or business life. With a less-demanding inbox, this could be the perfect time for a ‘writing work-cation’.

Palms, sea, working on beach, hiking, mountains with text overlay – How to make the most of your writing holiday

Palms, sea, working on beach, hiking, mountains with text overlay – How to make the most of your writing work-cation these holidays. 4 tips for a successful writing holiday

Your writing holiday 

Think restricted hours and the opportunity to dedicate time to:

  • Writing content or marketing material for the year ahead
  • Making progress on a special project
  • Planning for the next quarter
  • Starting your mindfulness journal
  • Tweaking the marketing plan

Write with more confidence with 3 simple tricks.

Work from (almost) anywhere

And if writing is on the agenda, you can do it from anywhere.

Almost anywhere.

While a new backdrop can absolutely be inspirational – whether it’s a new café, an idyllic turquoise sea, or a sparkling pool, you do need to set up according to your writing preferences. So here are my tips for a successful writing ‘work-cation’.

4 tips for a successful writing holiday

  1. Location, location: We all work and write differently, so the setting needs to be right for you. If you’re working on a laptop, you’ll need power. Chances are it’ll need to be reasonably quiet (poolside at the kids’ club isn’t a good idea). And you’ll need to be free of ongoing distractions (this is a ‘work-cation’, where creativity needs space to flow). A beautiful view can double as inspiration.
  1. Get in the zone: This is your chance to be creative and get ahead on your writing for the months ahead. To ensure you can get into the writing zone – and remain distraction-free – prep for the working part of the day before you sit down. Organise kids, meals or other parts of the business. Oh, and turn email off. Out of office is on, and no one’s expecting an immediate reply.
  1. It’s about time: To ensure a quality result, you need to invest quality time into each writing project. This will allow you the space you need to relax, to think and to focus – all essential elements of great writing. Ideally you will use this dedicated time to ‘pump’ out the words, but you also need time to breathe in between.
  1. Take the ’cation: Start the day with a swim, yoga or simple stretches – not only a great holiday routine, but also great for focus and getting those creative juices flowing when you’re writing. And to ensure you get back to the real office in a relaxed state, explore your new surrounds, get out with the family, and enjoy the ‘holiday’ part of this work-cation too.

With that, I’ll wish you a fabulous summer (while those of us downunder continue to wrap up!), and a productive writing holiday.

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