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Gold pen on blank paper with text overlay - how to write concisely and make more impact
Quality over quantity.

Do you write too many words?

Getting started with writing is one thing, but once you’re on a writing roll, it can be hard to stop.

Which is great when you’re getting your ideas down and sorting out the structure and flow.

The problem is your reader probably doesn’t have the time (or desire) to trawl through walls of text in search of your point. Often the fewer words you use, the more impact your writing has.

Your email, blog post or report is punchier, more enticing to read and conveys a more powerful message. It’s easier for your reader to do what you want them to do – approving the budget, signing up for a newsletter, promoting you.

Writing concisely is one of the biggest challenges facing bloggers and people who write for work. Following on from one of my most popular articles – the easiest way to write in fewer words – I’m going to share another simple technique to keep your words to a readable minimum.

Gold pen on white paper with text overlay - How to write concisely and make more impact

Surplus words

And that is to cull the unnecessary words. This can be difficult when you’re in the flow on the first draft, but it’s an easy step to add to the editing stage. All it takes is a red pen – or the delete button – to make your work easier and more enjoyable to read.

This excerpt from a sales brochure demonstrates the difference cutting out a few unnecessary words can make. Which words would you delete?

  • The following report is intended to highlight the fact that there are particular issues with aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure system.

You can halve the sentence simply by deleting the words that don’t need to be in there – without omitting any vital information.

  • The following This report is intended to highlights the fact that there are particular issues with aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure system.

A much shorter, more powerful version

  • This report highlights issues with the company’s IT infrastructure.

And here, I cut in half a paragraph that was gobbling up valuable layout and image space in a university handbook. 


  • There are a number of different temporary accommodation options available in the region. These include on-campus as well as off-campus options. Our Accommodation Services division aims to assist students (and staff) in finding temporary accommodation and to provide suggestions and quotations on places to stay in the local vicinity. For a list of their services and information about temporary accommodation, please see their website: www… (65 words)


  • The region boasts many temporary accommodation options, both on and off campus. Accommodation Services helps students and staff find temporary accommodation, and can provide suggestions and quotations. For services and information, please see www… (34 words)

Do you find it hard to stop writing once you’re on a roll? Leave a comment below.

And if you write too many words when you need to be succinct, here’s one of the easiest ways to keep your words down.

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