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Snowy Christmas scene with orange and white text overlay – 5 unique greetings – Christmas: how to make your client greetings pop
5 unique Christmas greetings.

Make your client communication sing this Christmas.

In the world of client communication (marketing) it’s time to start implementing your Christmas strategy.

If you can’t shift your focus from looming pre-Christmas deadlines, you could miss a golden opportunity to a) genuinely thank clients, stakeholders or subscribers, and b) strategically engage with the people who keep your business or workplace afloat.

If you don’t have a Christmas marketing plan yet, I’ve outlined below five unique silly season client communication ideas.

Snowy Christmas scene with orange and white text overlay – 5 unique client greetings – how to avoid the forgotten pile this Christmas

1. Embrace technology

Ditch the card and send your Christmas greeting by e-video. Tailor it to your brand and audience, and make sure you incorporate your own face or even your client’s for a touch of humour (if appropriate for the recipient). Put some thought into the execution, including the script if you use one.

2. Xmas bonus

Reward customer or reader loyalty with a Christmas upgrade, a thank you gift or free wrapping or shipping. The key is to keep your loyal supporters in the loop with timely and powerful messages that not only delight them, but also keep your brand top of mind.

3. Be social

If your people are on social media, why not make your message of gratitude public? Tag them on Facebook or LinkedIn, or keep it concise with a Tweet – it’ll need to be personal, genuine and witty in just 140 characters! Don’t forget to read and re-read it before hitting ‘go’.

4. Gift of giving

If gifts are your thing, why not show your empathetic side with a charitable donation? This shows you care, helps those in need, and doesn’t end up in an impersonal office stash – or landfill.

5. But we’re about writing

Often – after all that thought – nothing beats an old-fashioned Christmas card (that’s handwritten, of course). A little effort, and you may find you’re in the memorable minority. That means steering clear of the generic ‘Merry Christmas’ message, and putting in the time and energy to make the message special.

Use your client’s name, mention something that happened this year or give them an update on your year – business or personal.

Get some bespoke cards designed to reflect your brand, and you have one impressive, cost-effective and heart-felt Christmas greeting for each of your valued clients.

All too much? Postpone Christmas!

If you start now, getting this Christmas marketing strategy off the ground is possible. But if you can’t face adding another thing to the to-do list, postpone your seasonal greetings. Send a card, video or gift on a date that’s unique to each of your clients. It’ll make them feel special – and you remembered. And your lack of presence on the Christmas front probably won’t be missed.

What’s your Christmas strategy this year? Comment below!

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