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Confusing word choices

Definitely v Defiantly

It may often be down to a simple slip-up on the keyboard, but these two definitely shouldn’t be confused. And they often are, so here’s a quick tip to print out and keep by your computer.

To avoid further confusion, I’ve compiled a list of the confusing words I most often see written in the wrong context. Download it, and keep it handy when you’re writing.


Thought bubbles with text overlay – Writing tip – DEFINITELY v DEFIANTLY – Your guide to confusing words + free cheat sheet


Certain or unquestionable.

  • I am definitely applying for the contract.


Aggressive, bold resistance.

  • The chairman defiantly held on to power.

Tip: Be sure to double-check this one when you proofread because spell check won’t pick it up.

Download my list of commonly misused words, and keep it handy when you’re writing.

Which words choices do you find confusing – or see used incorrectly? Comment below.

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